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About us

We at DanOwa having several years of Multinational experience and expertise, are the pioneers of industrial revolution and advocates the necessity of having systems even for Micro to SME's. We would like to extend our co-operation and support to implement flawless systems and parameters to create a dynamic business environment with the focus on Corporate Governance and Adherence to the laws and business ethics.
We can cover all types of industries from Trading to Manufacturing as well as Service, Large Enterprises also avail the opportunity if using SAP since we have specialized solution for VAT.

We make sure that you are completely satisfied. We respect our customers and believe in friendly business. You can guide us if we got any mistake in our work. We do our work in a very simple manner. You just need to order us. All the other tensions are taken by us. We help you as much as we can.

If you want to get some other service from us, you can ask us for that without any humiliation. We always try to make our customers happy.
DanOwa was formed for IT purpose. It is always our Primary Objective to deliver our work on time. The whole process is quite simple. It involves the following steps:
1.You Order us what you want from us
2.We analysis your request and understand it completely
3.We start our work and complete your order within time
4.We refine our work
5.We order you and ask for further orders

This is what we do here at DanOwa. Just Simple business. No cheating and no fraud. We believe that respecting your customer increases your own respect. That’s all we can say about us.